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The Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie National Project is an interdepartmental project consisting of five departments which work together with provinces, municipalities, water boards, civic organizations, owners, private parties and citizens. Assignment is to connect cultural history with spatial design and to redevelop the NDW and exploit it for economic and spatial development. Its project organization/office is a true forerunner in managing complex spatial redevelopment projects. The organization has applied a successful and innovative approach with –a.o.- consultative groups, targeted ‘Envelopes’, a line partners group and a quality team consisting of renown experts. In this way, the organization has managed to have five departments, five provinces, 25 municipalities and five water boards successfully working together.

A large number of redevelopment projects along the line have already been implemented or are well underway. By now, focus needs to shift to management, maintenance and exploitation. This asks for a renewed design of the overall management and information architecture. The model should saveguard and propagate the waterline philosophy, its capital and its brand, in a sustainable way, with less public funding and with a stronger private involvement. The model should have the NDW’s ‘decentral’ setting as a point of departure and allow for ‘bottom up’ management.

Within Manage+, NDW will develop and test (in WP1) such a new model, which will be –in fact- a ‘virtual management centre’: aim is to use ICT-tools and technologies to their maximum potential and in a user-friendly way, to be able to manage the complex of sites and stakeholders effectively and – more-over, to encourage stakeholders to manage ‘themselves’. Obviously, the model will be shared with other partners, other partners will provide their advice and will be able to take elements from this new model as well. NDW will also use experiences of other partners (e.g. on visitor information by innovative media in WP3, action 8) and integrate elements where relevant.
Within WP2, NDW’s experiences so far on multi-stakeholder and site management, being a forerunner in this respect, will be interesting for other partners as well. NDW will lead WP2 and share and disseminate its experiences on site-level development of activities, involving businesses and so on. Ideas and projects developed within the context of the ASCEND-project and the new project Collabor8, in which NDW is a partner as well, will be promoted where relevant. Within WP2, NDW will pilot its information architecture to achieve more coherence and develop new activities on the ‘meso-level’, e.g. to compose an overall event programme, have volunteers of all the site working together and develop new activities, encourage a sense of ‘ownership’ towards the line as a whole, not only to individual sites, and so on.
Within  WP3, NDW’s activities on employment promotion by the ‘Herstelling’ Foundation (youngsters) and ‘Werk aan de linie’ (unemployed people) will be brought.
Within WP4, NDW will further promote the information architecture and train stakeholders to use it. It will also promote the architecture to –e.g.- the Dutch ‘National Landscapes’ (Areas of outstanding national beauty), which are similar multi stakeholder regional projects that could use the information architecture as well.

The Dutch partner were successful in implementing the "virtual management centre". Supported with excellent consultancy and transnational cooperation a pragmatic approach was implemented using cost-effective standard software. To sustain this instrument the "Stichting Liniebreed Ondernem" was founded In a second step in close cooperation with public partners and many entrepreneurs (see detailed information in final documentation chapter 1.5).


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