The pilot projects

Manage+ aims to develop and implement innovative, sustainable and cost-effective models for the management and operation of regenerated areas.

Manage+ includes five pilot sites formerly used for industry or military purposes in four European countries (UK, BE, NL, DE). Manage+ will ensure that the exploitation of the regenerated sites as attractive destinations will actively integrate private and public stakeholders.

Five major regeneration projects will serve as pilots for the development of sustainable systems for cost-effective site management and operation.All partners are facing similar problems: financial shortages, the need to integrate the needs of many stakeholders, insufficient tourism marketing and promotion and the need to develop new ways of working.

European co-operation will help all partners face these challenges and achieve their key goal – the achievement of economic sustainability through sound and active management of their sites.

Horizontobservatorium Landscape Park Hoheward
Project Landscape Park Hoheward ... More

View of the Weißenburger Gate
Fortification site Weißenburger Tor ... More

View of Lion Salt Works close to the city of Northwich
Lion Salt Works ... More

Aerial view of Fort Vechten
New Dutch Waterline ... More

Aerial view of the sugar factory Veurne
Sugar factory Veurne ... More

This project is funded by the EU