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Final conference manage+, 21 & 22 January 2015

The final conference of manage+ will be hold on 21 & 22 January at Revue Palast in Herten. Hereby we warmly invite you to our final event. Besides the presentation of the results of manage+, the conference will focus on the new EU funding period. Moreover, best practice examples of successful (park) management based on the principles of participation and cooperation will be presented.

Please find the invitation including the program under "downloads".

Please use the following link to register for the conference (deadline for registration is   8 Jauary 2015):

Launch of exhibition NEUE HORIZONTE

On 6 November 2014 the Regionalverband Ruhr celebrated together with the cooperation partner City Council Herten and City Council Recklinghausen the launch of the exhibition NEUE HORIZONTE - Auf den Spuren der Zeit.

New tourism manager and new activities

After a long, warm summer with many colorful events and activities taking place at the site an interesting autumn is awaiting visitors and inhabitant of Germersheim, full of newly created touristic offers for the cold and dark season of the year. The new tourism manager Frauke Vos-Firnkes and her team colleagues at the visitor center are all very busy and creative in developing new ideas such as single dinners, special wine tastings with live music, a recitation programme about wine and nuggets of wisdom for various target groups and a lot of new guided tours around the historic fortification and the pathways and casemates in the underground. Moreover more weddings and meetings will take place in the multifuncional room and a new exhibition will start in late October 2014.

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News from the Lion Salt Works

The completion of Lion Salt Works with the building works and landscaping is now almost finished. The derelict site has been fully restored to recreate the Salt Works from 1986 with an education suite and exhibition and event space. The interpretation and fitting out starts in November 2014. - The manage+ funded Stove House 5 management centre is taking final shape. The ground floor is now ready for installation of the shop, cafe and site information for visitors. The new top floor conference facility for local businesses, community groups and other organisations to hold events and training has a wonderful view over the site.


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Invitation -Trainings on manage+ results

In the last months the manage+ team has jointly developed training modules for transferring the knowledge on managing regenerated sites. In the final project phase three seminars in UK, Germany and Benelux will be carried out. Each seminar will consist of five sessions regarding

Management of public private partnership development processes  

Management of business clusters to support the regeneration process

Managing local entrepreneurs in a regional partnership by IT tools

Managing the Plus: Fostering employment generation in the region

Managing volunteer participation

Target groups are local and regional planners, who are today or will be in the future responsible for regeneration projects. The seminars will be hold in national language or translated to give all interested local and regional people the opportunity to participate.

Dates of the trainings:

  • 26 November 2014 at Cheshire View, Christleton, Chester, UK
  • 9 December 2014 at Fort Altena, Werkendam, Netherlands
  • 20 January 2015 at Landscape Park Hoheward, Herten, Germany

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The works on the management center for the sugar factory site progress well

The management center for the sugar factory site in Veurne is almost realized. The works started on 31st March and will be finalized early November 2014. As from November 2014 wvi and its stakeholders will start the internal decoration of the center with furniture, promotional material etc. As from January 2015 the center will be in use. It will have different kind of functions: wvi staff can work there to follow-up the redevelopment works and to communicate with the neighbourhood, other organisations like Natuurpunt (nature organisation) and TuinHier (allotment vegetable garden organisation) will use the building as starting point for their work and can organize meetings and workshops. Of course the management center is open for every organisation that want to make use of it related to the sugar factory site. Once the site is completely redeveloped (in 2025) the management center can become a community center for the new housing quarter. About 500 new dwellings will be realized and the people that will live there, can use the center for meetings and events. The official opening of the management center, with press conference, is foreseen for end January 2015.

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manage+ at the PESTO conference in Graz

In October 2014 manage+ was presented as one of 20 good practice projects in the field of sustainable tourism at the PESTO conference. While most of the projects presented at the conference were focused on environmental and community aspects, manage+ brought a new topic in: Sustainability through innovative management models and the crucial role of multi stakeholder cooperation for sustainability. The conference included speeches of academic experts in the field of sustainable tourism and moreover figured as a networking platform to meet stakeholder from the practice.

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