The manage+ project

manage+ develops viable management models for the long-term use of former industrial and military locations converted into business parks, greenbelt recreation areas and tourist destinations. Traditionally, such locations have been subsidised and managed by public authorities. manage+ endeavours to run them sustainably and - ideally - without the need for public funding.

Key facts:

Project duration:   2009 to 2015
Project budget:     €6.2 million (50 % ERDF)
Project Partners:   5 partners in four countries (BE, DE, GB, NL)

View from Heap Hoheward, Photo: RAG Montan Immobilien, Thomas Stachelhaus

How does manage+ work?

manage+ aims to reduce conflicts of interest through the cooperation and encouragement of teamwork. In this way diverging interests are turned into common goals. From the very beginning, public and private stakeholders and the local community are involved within the project development. That helps to ensure a sustainable and profitable operation of the sites.
Five sites in four European countries (Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and The Netherlands) serve as pilots for the implementation of manage+.
The specialist and innovative expertise of the European partners is used and shared by exchanging information and transferring knowledge.

Municipality of Utrecht, Photographer: Teun Winkelman

What does manage+ achieve?

manage+ delivers methods for the active involvement of public and private stakeholders in the operation of the sites. Therefore, physical and economic models for management centres and organisational structures are developed as well as applicable solutions for cooperative management; such as shared information tools, cooperative marketing and coordinated arrangement of on-site visitor activities.

The project results are shared with experts and the interested public through training materials and events.

Fronte Lamotte, Photo: Britta Hoff

Who benefits from manage+?

Public authorities / municipalities
manage+ helps public authorities to reduce their finance, management, maintenance and marketing workload.

The general public / community initiatives
manage+ integrates local community involvement in the maintenance and operation of the regeneration projects.

Private companies
manage+ allows private companies to play an active part in site management. They can contribute their ideas from the outset.


The manage+ project has been succesfully finalised with the final conference held in the city of Herten on January 21st – 22nd 2015. Please find the results of the transnational work in the final documentation.

This project is funded by the EU

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